Regina Dominican High School is rooted in the charism of Dominican Spirituality and the pillars of study, prayer, preaching, and community.  As a way of putting these pillars into action and encountering Christ in our daily lives, we are called to service.  While Regina Dominican does not set a number of required service hours, our students choose to participate in a wide array of service opportunities as groups in our school community and as individual projects.

"Give us eyes to see, ears to hear, and hands to do the work of God."
~12th Century Dominican Blessing

Let us truly strive to do the work of God every day.  There are many ways to service in local and wider communities.  There are possibilities of serving as groups of students as well as completing service that is of particular interest to you; let your passions fuel your desire to serve.  Use this website and partnership with Catholic Charities to find a service opportunity that suits you, or maybe one that looks new and interesting.

How do I sign-up?

Step 1:  View volunteer opportunities created just for Regina Dominican students: click 
HERE or search: [Regina Dominican] in the keyword box in the search widget!  Follow the sign-up directions, using your Regina Dominican email, for each service opportunity you are interested in.

Step 2:  Print a copy of the service hour form from the Campus Ministry website http://www.edline.net/pages/Regina_Dominican_HS/Student_Life/Campus_Ministry
or pick one up from the bin outside the Campus Ministry office, and bring it with you to your service site.

Step 3:  Have an on-site supervisor/volunteer coordinator sign your form to verify you completed the hours.

Step 4:  Return your signed and completed service hour form to the bin for your class outside of the Campus Ministry office within one month of completion (all summer service hours will be due by September 1st).

Regina Dominican tracks service hours in three areas; service to the community, service within Regina Dominican, and service for places of worship.  The Regina Dominican community works to honor those students that serve an exemplary amount through the chapter of the National Honor Society, awards at graduation, and through the Point of Light Organization.

Beatrice Phelps
Campus Ministry Office
847.256.7660 x246